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Carly Giancaterino (non-member)'s picture

Hi Everyone! I'm Carly

My name is Carly Giancterino and I am currently the Adult Programs Assistant for the Cape May County Library system located at the very end of the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. 

Our community consists of both year round and seasonal residents. During the height of the summer our numbers can triple!

Within our department of four, I help plan, advertise, and manage events that take place at all of our seven branches. I have also spearheaded the Library's presence on most social media outlets.

We are very successful at planning events for our senior patrons. Cape May County New Jersey is known nationally as a destination for birders and nature enthusiasts. We have mastered utilizing that area of interest, hosting up to 5-6 popular nature events a month. 

It is bringing in those elusive 20-30 y/o that is a mystery to us! We recently hosted a Game of Thrones inspired cooking demonstration, Feast of Thrones, which peaked their interest. Six of the twenty guests were between the ages of 18-27. 

Making the 20-30 y/o aware that the Library is "more than just books" is where we are struggling.

My colleagues and I know this is going to be a great forum for sharing ideas and experiences!

Thank you, Erin Shea for sending me an invite! I can only assume it stemmed from the Unconference I attended in the fall. 

Janie Hermann's picture

Hi Carly, 

Sorry for the delay in replying to your questions about attracting the elusive 20-30 y/o group to the library -- I was at SXSW when you posted and Erin was on her way to PLA so I think we both somehow missed this in all the frenzy. 

I am not aware of a library that does not struggle in attracting the 20-30 y/o demographic, especially for programs. We get our most success during two events: 

1. Our annual Princeton Environmental Film Festival 

2. The monthly Princeton Tech Meetup for startups and entrepreneurs

The Tech Meetup is probably our biggest success yet in attracting this demographic.  It is the topic that I spoke about at SXSW and I can give you more information on that if you like. 

Perhaps others have ideas to share...


Carly Giancaterino (non-member)'s picture


No worries on the late reply. I'm a little jealous that you attended SXSW! I've always wanted to go.

Any info that you can share about the Tech Meetup would be fabulous. It sounds like a great event to host during our summer season.


Carly G
Adult Programs Department
Cape May County Library

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cape.May.County.Library
Twitter: @cmclibrary
Instagram: @cmclibrary
Pinterest: Cape May County Library