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What would you like on a GAMERT web site?

Hello there!

I'm heading up a group to develop a prototype for the GAMERT web site.  

What would _you_ find useful on the GAMERT Web site?  What kind of resources would be useful to you?

Matthew Murray's picture

Links to libraries with really great game related programming.

Information concerning have M rated video games.

"Readers' advisory" for games.

Information on gamification in libraries.

Gaming for different age groups (children, young adults, adults, the elderly).

Information (slides, etc.) from previous GameRT sessions and workshops.

PJ Bentley-OR's picture

I'd love to see a section that houses collection development resources. I'm currently working on the guidelines for my library's circulating collection of board games so that something is in place if I ever leave, and I'd love to read what others have drafted.

PJ Bentley

Rachel Vacek's picture

I'd also like to see a link that goes to a BGG collection of the GameRT's actual library of games.  Putting it there makes it easier to maintain and all the info about the games is already in BGG. (I'd also be willing to help out with that if needed.)

Rachel Vacek

Brian Mayer's picture

Great Idea. BGG has some API's that we could also tie into to pull that collection back to the site if we are so inclined.