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Not the Same Old Story

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Description: A person’s first experiences of the library often include sitting down to story time at the public library and being shown the wonder of books by a librarian. This creates fond memories, but can that experience be duplicated when that child goes to college? We will examine some best practices of children’s librarians to see how they can serve instruction librarians. These techniques for keeping audience attention, explaining new concepts, and managing difficult patrons translate surprisingly well to the academic environment. They also allow instruction librarians and patrons to relive the days when the library was a place of discovery.

Presenter: Jordan Moore

Format: Lecture

Types of libraries:

  • Academic
  • Urban
  • Undergraduate
  • School / Media Center
  • Research Library
  • Public
  • Library School
  • Elementary School
  • Community College


  • Information Literacy
  • Literacy
  • Instruction

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I love this idea.  Thank you for proposing!