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Kirby McCurtis's picture

2013-2014 Board Progress Reports

In order to submit your planning report, please add a comment at the bottom of this post rather than creating a separate post or document for your report.  This way, it will be easy for the Secretary to find the report and make sure it is linked with the list below:

  • Councilor
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Leadership Director
  • Member Services Director
  • Networking Director
  • Outreach Director
  • Past President
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice President
Officer_Progress_Report.doc22 KB
Kirby McCurtis's picture


Kirby McCurtis

Youth Librarian
Multnomah County Library

Secretary_Progress_Report.docx12.72 KB
Emily Prather-Rodgers (non-member)'s picture

President's Progress Report Attached.

Pres_Progress_Report.doc25 KB
Jonathan Lu's picture


Jonathan Lu
Public Service Librarian
Gwinnett County Library 
Officer_Progress_Report.doc24 KB
Jonathan Lu's picture


Jonathan Lu
Public Service Librarian
Gwinnett County Library 
Officer_Progress_Report.doc24 KB
Kate Kosturski's picture

Hello to all, 

Please see attached report from the Leadership Development Director (me). 




Kate Kosturski


Janel Kinlaw's picture


Past_Pres_Progress_Report.doc25 KB
Megan Hodge's picture

Vice-President/President-Elect's Progress Report.

VP_Progress_Report 2013-2014.doc24 KB
Susan Jennings's picture

Pardon my lateness!  It was purely an oversight!

I only have my ipad at my disposal and it is refusing to let me attach my document (it will, however, allow me to attach my vacation pictures but I think they would be irrelevant!) ;-)  I will send the document to Kirby and if she will kindly attach my word document, it will be complete.  For now... here's my report...  thank you for the opportunity to represent NMRT during the past 3 years.


NMRT Board Member Progress Report

1. Office Name: ALA Councilor

2. Office Term (Date: Ex. 2005-2006): 2011-2014

3. What kind of interaction have you had with your committees thus far this year? What support have you been able to provide them?

I continue to blog ALA Council Sessions "live" for my NMRT Constituents to follow along in the governance of their organization. This has seemed like a successful endeavor due to the positive feedback I have received.

4. What would you still like to accomplish in your office before the end of your term?

To continue to represent NMRT and its issues to the larger ALA Council until the end of my term at Annual in Las Vegas. I will continue on Council as a Council Member at Large and will continue to champion NMRT issues. I wish the new NMRT Councilor the best of luck and am at their disposal.

 5. Date of report: May 15, 2014

6. Submitted by: Susan L. Jennings

Susan L. Jennings
Dean of Library Services - Augusta R. Kolwyck Library
Chattanooga State Community College
4501 Amnicola Highway
Chattanooga, TN   37406

Kirby McCurtis's picture

Susan's report in WORD format.

Kirby McCurtis

Youth Librarian
Multnomah County Library

Kari Weaver's picture

Though overdue getting posted, here is the report. So sorry for my tardiness.