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Update, late February

Here's what I've been up to since my last update (December, yikes):

  • The Education committee has now implemented a vice-chair system (all hail new VC Abigail Goben). I'm continuing monthly calls with Abigail and Toni Nolen (the chair).
  • Tracked down information to answer some questions for the Education leadership.
  • Have discussed, with ALA Publishing, their proposal to do joint web courses with us (FYI the Education committee is intrigued, but doesn't think the numbers work out right for LITA).
  • Looked into the idea of a free webinar seat for an international registrant some more, but I don't think there's enough interest in the idea, plus which Education has many higher-priority tasks to accomplish in terms of meeting our numbers goals and documenting process, so I've shelved this.
  • I'm doing my Emerging Leaders homework; I've prioritized Team M's recommendations and asked Rachel for feedback. Will post final recommendations Friday.
  • Oh hey Midwinter happened. I read All The Documents.
  • Talked with Bylaws about the motion I promised I'd make about fixing elections - they have already started to work on it but say a motion/deadline would still be handy, so I'll do that soon too.