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Andrea Vernola's picture

The Screen Time Book Club starts Tuesday!

A few more great resources for thinking about kids and digital media:


The ALSC blog of course: http://www.alsc.ala.org/blog/

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center: http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org

The Fred Rogers Center: http://www.fredrogerscenter.org

LittleeLit.com: http://littleelit.com


Looking forward to chatting with you about Lisa's wonderful book! 


See you Tuesday! 




Kathy Kleckner's picture

For thinking about kids, learning and health:

The Big Disconnect by Catherine Adair-Stein

Developmentally Appropriate Play: Guiding Young Children to a Higher Level by Gaye Gronlund

A Moving Child is a Learning Child by Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy

Center on Media and Child Health http://www.cmch.tv/

The Alliance for Childhood http://www.allianceforchildhood.org/

Melissa Depper's picture

Thanks, Kathy, for these readings! Does anyone have other favorite resources to share?

Melissa Depper
Librarian, Child and Family Library Services
Arapahoe Library District (CO)

Ernie Cox's picture

Brief (tongue in cheek) report referencing recent research on touch screen media use and kids.




Kathy Kleckner's picture

There was a point Guernsey made in the preface that I have not forgotten.  She talks about why she wrote the book.  She wanted to answer questions like, "What types of media experiences trigger the most curious questions, the most playful reenactments, the most engagement, the most joy?" ( p. xix)  I don't believe she uses the words "curious" or "joy" or "playful" ever again. If you have the Kindle edition, could you verify that?  Thanks!