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National Survey: Young Children, New Media & Libraries


The idea for this survey arose through the work of the California State Library Early Learning with Families Initiative 2.0 (ELF 2.0), which is compiling a number of resources around the use of new media with young children in libraries. This survey could be a collaborative project where the C&T committee and the ELF2.0 initiative compile, publish and distribute the results, and eventually use the data to form professional recommendations for the incorporation of new media tools into collection, services and programs for families with children 0-5. Other resources that are being created as a part of the ELF initiative are a proposed National Forum on Young Children, New Media & Libraries (awaiting news of funding through IMLS), white paper by Dr Virginia Walter entitled "Young Children and New Media: Implications for Public Libraries," development & evaluation of new media storytime pilot projects within California (with Dr. Marianne Martens) and a proposed resource list entitled "Young Children, New Media & Libraries: A Multimedia Annotated Bibliography" (in partnership with a number of state libraries and LittleeLit.com)


To find out which libraries are using new media with young children. 


Library Collections, Services & Programs for Children 0-5 and their families & caregivers

Steps forward:

  • Design survey in consultation with C&T committee, ELF2.0, & other representatives from ALSC (Jenna Nemec-Loise, for example)
  • Determine roles and responsibilities for all parties (suggestions: C&T & ELF work together to design the survey, we use ALSC surveymonkey account to administer the survey, C&T & ELF compile and interpret & publish results)


  • Mostly Multiple Choice Questions

Questions to ask (please feel free to edit)

  1. Libraries who use tablets or other technologies in storytime
  2. Libraries who provide access to new media (circulating tablets, mounted or in-house use)
  3. Libraries who provide recommendations for new media (recommended apps)