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Strategic Framework and Enabling Strategies: Discussion Thread 3: Professional and Leadership Development

Strategic Framework

     Strategic Initiatives


          Information Policy

          Professional and Leadership Development

     Enabling Strategies


  • Professional and Leadership Development

Recognizing that the professional and leadership development of librarians and library workers is essential to high-quality professional practice and the future of libraries and information services, ALA seeks to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities through multiple venues.
  • Maintain strong accreditation standards and processes for library and information science programs.
  • Foster certification programs through the ALA/APA.
  • Coordinate the multiple opportunities available throughout ALA to provide a coherent, transparent, and accessible continuing education framework for all members.
  • Increase the diversity of library professionals and sustain their professional growth through multiple strategies.
  • Provide leadership development opportunities and create new pathways for member leadership in the association.
  • Align leadership development and continuing education with best thinking about the changing information environment and ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries.
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I'm curious to hear any further details you have on point 2, regarding accreditation standards.  Would this involve current students as a part of the accreditation committee (not just during the visit, but afterwards?)  Would this include more frequent timelines for accreditation review, new accreditation categories? 


Kate Kosturski


Courtney Young's picture

Thanks Kate for these questions. Those are all good food for thought. We do not have any further details right now and knew we could improve upon it with your thinking.

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Interesting comments.  I am NOT an expert on accreditation but having played a very tiny role on the fringe of an accreditation issue, I am aware that it is a very time-consuming, labor-intensive process for each school.  That said, I like the concept of more frequent timelines. Given the current process, that is just mindboggling to think about. 

I do not want it to become so easy that the generally accepted attitude is that ALA will accredit anything that breathes. That does nothing for anyone and I know that is not currently the case.

It will be interesting to see hope the process might adapt to a changing landscape.