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Strategic Framework and Enabling Strategies: Discussion Thread 4: Enabling Strategies

Strategic Framework

     Strategic Initiatives


          Information Policy

          Professional and Leadership Development

     Enabling Strategies


Enabling Strategies:


  • Create an assessment and evaluation process to measure the effect of the strategic initiatives.
  • Review governance structure (including committees and round tables) to identify changes to address the strategic initiatives.
  • Review staff structure and compensation to ensure focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Build a more robust public communication and public relations/marketing capacity.
  • Identify revenue streams and fundraising opportunities to support the strategic initiatives.
  • Engage division leaders and staff to define their role and contribution to the strategic initiatives.
  • Build a sustainable technological infrastructure that enables ALA to advance the strategic initiatives.
  • Align ALA publishing and conferences to support the strategic initiatives.
  • Strengthen pathways for member involvement/engagement in strategic initiatives.
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Perhaps include ways to simplify the governance processes and organization to make it easier for members to navigate.

Connie Williams

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Thanks, Connie.  Are there particular aspects of governance or organization that we might make "easier to navigate" or particular areas where you recommend change?


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As part of "Create an assessment and evaluation process to measure the effect of the strategic initiatives," I'd like to see a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of Resolutions passed by Council. We spend a lot of time crafting them and so it seems like it would be worthwhile to set up a process to evaluate them. I had started a thread on this subject at http://connect.ala.org/node/218199, but think the discussion probably more properly belongs here. 

Part of the evaluation process for ALA efforts will include what we mean by success. For a Council resolution, I'd like to suggest that any of the following could represent success:

  • A policy change happens that can be attributed to a resolution.
  • There is a visible raising of awareness of an issue among the general public.
  • Resolutions are referred to outside of library literature
  • A certain percentage of ALA members take some sort of action based on a Council resolution

I think these types of measures of success could be applicable to a number of ALA initiatives, although in some cases measurements would be difficult. 

Thanks for starting the conversation and giving us threads. 

Daniel Cornwall

Alaska Chapter Councilor

Member, Depository Library Council