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RUSA Policy on Unfunded Awards, February 2014

Dear RUSA Board Members,

Please review and discuss this policy on unfunded RUSA awards, approved by the RUSA executive committee for recommendation to the board. This policy covers all RUSA and section awards.

A link to vote on the policy will be sent to all board members on Feb. 24, 2014.

Best Wishes,

Susan Hornung

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I completely concur with the substance of the draft policy.  I do have suggestions regarding the organization of the information in the draft.  I'm sorry not to have made them at an earlier stage in the process but I was previously reading for content and only just realized how we might be able to streamline the presentation of that content. Also, I thought the review & discussion period continued until the 24th so I gave myself the weekend to finalize my comments & suggested edits.

In any event, my suggestions are to 1) delete the Identifying New Sponsors section, 2) move Item 1 from that section and Item 3 under Other Issues to the first section of the policy & 3) make related & other minor edits, as needed. Please see the revised document attached for what this might look like.

Again, none of my suggestions are intended to make substantive changes in the proposed policy, just to streamline it a bit.

I don't know what this amounts to procedurally. Please advise. -- Margaret

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I, too, am a bit confused on the timeline for voting as it says 2/24 in one place and then today I got the message that voting was ending tomorrow….

I am wondering if we can make edits after approval and not need a revote if the policy elements themselves have not changed…


om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

M. Kathleen Kern

RUSA Past-President


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Sorry everybody - the poll does not seem to be working like I intended.  I see some people have voted before the discussion period has ended. Discussion should take place through Feb. 21. The poll was not supposed to open until after that date, but it somehow unaccountably became active before that. You have until EOB Feb. 28 to vote.

Susan Hornung


Michelle Baildon's picture

  1. I think the document could use editing for clarity in addition to what Margaret has suggested.  The writing is not always straightforward.
  2. Note that the History Section offers a Research and Innovation Award, which is neither an achievement nor travel award:  http://www.ala.org/rusa/sections/history/research_award.
  3. The document says, "If an award loses all or part of its funding from the sponsor, the chair of that Awards Committee will alert the RUSA Office.  The RUSA Office will inform the RUSA Awards Coordinating Committee."  Should we assume that the Awards Committee will always be the first to hear about loss of funding?  I could imagine, for example, the RUSA Office hearing first.  I think the Section's Executive Committee should be also mentioned as part of this communication chain.