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2014-02 GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document holds the meeting minutes along with the agenda.

Friday, 14 February 2014 10-11a.m. central time
Location: http://ala.adobeconnect.com/glbtrt (Login as a guest)
Online Meetings Tip sheet for GLBTRT: http://connect.ala.org/node/205148


R. Hansen, Chair, D. Vess, Past-chair, A. Symons, chair-elect, J. Amundsen, staff liaison, L. Romans, P. Hepburn, L. Johnston, P. Coyl, F. Cervone, I. Abrams, A. Johnson, secretary


1. Call to Order (David)

2. Introductions (David)

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (David)

4. Stonewall Book Award Committees Implementation Proposal (Roland & Ann)

Action: Motion to adopt the plan posed by Rebecca Hunt, Ann Symons and Peter Coyl
Facilitator: Ann Symons
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information: Attached SBAC Implementation Proposal 
NB: Items 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, etc. mentioned below are from the SBAC Implementation Proposal"]

The first order of business was a discussion of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee Implementation Proposal, which was proposed by A. Symons, P. Coyl and R. Hunt. A motion was made adopt the plan and discussion followed. The round table chair appoints the committee members, based upon the volunteer forms that have been submitted to the GLBTRT volunteer form. Hansen would like a more detailed form so that more information on a volunteer is available. The Stonewall Book Awards Committee chair would also be involved in the decision of who to appoint to the committee. Hansen said he would like to have something like a curriculum vitae available so that detailed information about a person’s qualifications to serve on the committee is available.  

It was emphasized several times that this document is simply a bridge document to get us through the next year or so. More substantive changes can then be made based on the experience under this proposal. It was pointed out that staggered terms would simply involve too many people or at least more than we have volunteers for now.  

A motion was made to adopt items 1, 2 and 3 from the proposal was made. Item 1 is a change from the present time for receipt/review of books from the present setup to a calendar year. Item 2 would keep the current committee through Midwinter, 2015. All current members whose terms expire in 2014 would be given the opportunity to remain on the committee through Midwinter 2015 if they so choose except Peter Coyl and Amanda Clay. Item 3 would keep the committee as one committee without dividing it into two.  The motion passed.

A motion to adopt item 6 was made and passed that all committee members must attend Midwinter the year they choose the awards.

A motion was made and passed to adopt item 7 stating that all committee members are encouraged to attend the Book Awards Brunch.  Committee chairs should plan on attending Annual and the Brunch following the Midwinter meeting at which the awards are announced.

A motion to adopt Item 5, which deals with the appointment of an administrative assistant, was discussed. It has budgetary implications as it calls for paying for that person’s Midwinter Meeting registration and a complimentary ticket to the brunch. The position is a non-voting one. A motion was made and passed to adopt this item.

P. Coyl questioned R. Hansen’s statement during the above discussions that we are in the red. He asked for clarification. Since the treasurer was not present, the situation could not be adequately addressed.

5. Abandon Use of Adobe Connect for Conference Calling 

Action: Motion to stop using Adobe Connect for board meetings and use conference call for monthly board meetings.  
Facilitator: David Vess
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information: n/a

Motion carried in favor of using conference calls for all future board meetings.

5. Announcements

None were made.

6. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9 A.M.