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Midwinter 2014 Minutes and December Stats


I am attaching the draft minutes of our meeting in Philadelphia. Please post any corrections to this list. The December membership statistics are also attached.

Thanks for all you're doing to promote ALA membership,

Cathleen Bourdon, Staff Liaison


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I have a question about this these two sentences in the meeting minutes:  "In preparation for the evaluation, staff members have suggested a list of four key performance indicators that will be collected.  In addition to these four, committee members suggested including data on changes in division membership overlap."

I don't have the four key performance indicators in my notes.  What are they?


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Good morning, the key performance indicators are:



Key Performance Indicators:


  1. Yearly membership data including membership counts, dues revenue, and ALA market share information.  Also examine retention rates of PLA, ACRL, and AASL and how they may impact ALA’s retention rates.
  2. Yearly comparison of ALA dues for regular members v. dues amounts for regular members of other library and related associations
  3. Yearly data from a lapsed member survey asking about reasons for non-renewal
  4. Yearly data from member survey, particularly questions on level of satisfaction, likelihood of renewing membership, and likelihood of recommending ALA membership to a colleague

Ron (RJ) Jankowski

ALA Membership Director