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CMS CE notes from Midwinter 2014

CMS Continuing Education Midwinter
January 26, 2014
In attendance:
Chad Buckley, Paul Kelsey, Betty Landesman, Cara List, Julie Reese (ALCTS staff liaison) and Bleue Benton (chair and notetaker)
We spent most of our time discussing our new committee charge of identifying and monitoring standards that relate to collection management. There was agreement that we need clarification from CMS about this. We're clear on the role of Continuing Education in spreading the word about which standards apply to collection management, and why they are important. Our questions focus on the issue of identifying and monitoring standards. It seems that a committee has developed from the  ALCTS Task Force on Standards, and we're unclear about the our role with regard to that committee, as well as any others that might deal with standards. We are especially interested in the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section (CRS) Serials Standards Committee, and discussed exploring the possibility of being involved with the Continuing Resources Standards Forum. There was brief discussion about expanding the list of standards to include other guidelines and standards for collection development and management. This may be too ambitious.
(Bleue asked for guidance about our role and charge later at the CMS committee/interest groups chairs meeting. Ellen Safley will work with us to clarify this.)
We also discussed additional topics for webinars, e-forums, and other educational opportunities. Betty recently presented a standards program at the Charleston Conference, and will discuss with NISO if this could provide a starting point for an ALCTS webinar. In addition, Cara will look at recent webinars and Chad will survey recent e-forums so that we can review what has been done. Bleue will contact the instructors of the web course, Fundamentals of Collection Assessment, asking about areas of interest that have come up during the course. We will also explore doing an e-forum on assessment.