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Rainbow Project 2014 Post Committee Report

Rainbow Project Committee Post Meeting Report
Philadelphia, PA- February 2014
The goal of The Rainbow List Project is to further the mission of the GLBTRT and SRRT by promoting quality GLBTQ literature for youth ages birth through teens through creating an annual recommended bibliography.  We provide readers with guidance in selecting realistic and recommended books that reflect the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning experience and communities, which is becoming ever so important in today’s world.  In creating our annual bibliography we also provide a tool in which librarians and libraries can locate and retain materials within their collections.

During the Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, the Committee created the 2014 Rainbow List, which included 30 books from over 25 publishers, including juvenile fiction, young adult fiction and non-fiction, memoirs and graphic novels. All titles were annotated, and the Top Ten were selected, and placed on the blog before the completion of the Midwinter Meeting. The introduction to the list was completed and posted on the blog as of February 4.

Committee Members included: Christie Gibrich, chair; Christine Jenkins; Victor Schill; Anna White; Ingrid Abrams; Naomi Gonzales (incoming chair, 2015); Erin Iannacchione; Melanie Koss, and Jesse Nachem.

During the business portion of the meetings, members discussed authors to invite to participate at the author panel at the ALA Annual Convention in Las Vegas that will be held jointly with the Amelia Bloomer Project (SRRT). Four were selected, and will be contacted as soon as possible so that details can be finalized. The GLBT-RT Programming Committee will be contacted so that we can learn details of the program date and location for the author’s publishers & representatives for hotel bookings and coordination.

Members also discussed the language recommendation that came from the GLBT-RT board changing the term “nomination” in the bylaws to another word as it seems to be confusing some people. Since the term “submission” is already used for “field submissions” (books suggested by those not on the committee), terms such as recommended or selected were given to Ingrid Abrams to pass on to the board. Additionally, the committee also discussed the fact that due to the GLBT-RT wanting to make all committees more in line with ALA procedures, there would not be a past chair position nor a chair-elect position as there had been in previous years; however, the committee strongly recommends that, like YALSA and ALSC bibliography committees have, the Rainbow Project keep the project assistant to further aid the chair in communication duties.

Additionally, the committee expressed their concerns to the present-elect of GLBT-RT that the wording in the Rainbow Project bylaws, or in the information and requirements given to those accepting the nomination to the Rainbow Project, emphasize that committee members give the Rainbow Project top priority and decline appointment to any other book/bibliography committee while serving. This has caused issue during the 2014 Midwinter Meeting, as well as the 2013 Midwinter Meeting, and needs to be addressed somehow.

Finally, the committee would like GLBT-RT and SRRT to investigate whether a virtual option would be available to those on the committee who have participated fully during the year, but were unable to due unexpected emergency (family health, ice storms, weather, etc.) to attend the Midwinter Meeting. It has happened at more than one Midwinter where a committee member has nominated and read all the books, and has been stranded in airports due to inclement weather, and would have been able to participate virtually due to the improvements in technology, yet there is not a provision in the bylaws making this possible.

Members Christine Jenkins, Victor Schill, Anna White, Chair Christie Gibrich, and Project Assistant Jane Cothron stepped down after Midwinter 2014, with Naomi Gonzales stepping up to the Chair position. The other vacant jury spots will be appointed by the GLBT-RT and SRRT committees. 

Respectfully submitted,
Christie Gibrich