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Bill Filed in Maryland General Assembly for the DCDL

Ladies and Gentlemen of the ASCLA

As previously posted at the ASCLA SIG Bridging Deaf Cultures @ Your Library, the following link will take you to a PDF showing the Deaf Culture Digital Library as proposed in Maryland by Delegate Eric Luedtke on January 31, 2013:  


The members here should look at this bill and see what we need in order to take this nationwide, in order to make this something that enables others, such as prison libraries where --for instance-- the HEARD Organization in Washington, D.C., (www.behearddc.org) has put focus on deaf prisoners.  This matter, of course, spans the gamut and that is part of our mission at the ALA.

This is about Transforming Our Libraries, Ourselves.  This is about the Declaration for the Right to Libraries, this is about how the DCDL can work as part of the solution, and as another flavor in the mix; each of which compliments the next.  Where information is power, and where the public/private partnership is going to drive the growth of the DCDL nationally in lockstep with the rest of the library working to provide things as ambiguous as Universal Access.