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DIG Virtual Meeting in February 2014

Dear DIG Members,

As mentioned in our ALA MidWinter meeting report, let’s plan to have a virtual meeting in February, to have more group members come together and have a further discussion about our ALA Annual Meeting program, future webinar themes and speakers, and other topics.

I have created a Doodle Pool to help us identify a better time for most of us to participate. Please put in your available time slots in the following page by February 5th:


Below is a tentative agenda for the meeting, please let me know if you have other items or suggestions that we could add to the list:

  1. Update from group members: you recent data services activities, program development, outreach and collaboration within and outside of your library, and recent and upcoming conferences/meetings.
  2. ALA Annual Meeting program suggestion: speakers to invite and topics for engaging group members to discuss.
  3. Future webinar themes and speakers suggestion.

Look forward to meeting all of you virtually in February.