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ALA Midwinter Meeting Action Items list

Thanks to our Emerging Leader Annie Gaines (@librariannies) for taking these notes!

LITA Board Meeting 1/25/14 & 1/27/14

Action items:


  • Accepted agenda
  • Endorsed statement of appropriate conduct from ALA
  • Created a standing financial advisory committee
  • Cindi to appointed Andrew Pace and Brett Bonfield to Financial Advisory Committee
  • Created a TF to investigate entrepreneurial projects, such as in the $TF documentation
  • Disbanded inactive interest groups 


Cindi will work with Mary collaboratively on documenting Executive Director's goals for informing review process (February)

Cindi will take her findings and goals to the board

Assignment of EL Projects, due Feb 28:

  • Project M 2011 Andromeda and Rachel
  • Project T 2009 Jenny
  • Project P/O 2010 Cody and Lauren
  • Project P 2007 Cindi
  • Project U 2009 David
  • Project K 2012 Aaron
  • Project I 2013 Zoe

Financial advisory committee:

  • Zoe to write charge for financial advisory committee
  • Cindi and Zoe to work out terms etc with Brett and Andrew
  • Zoe (as chair) committee to create a report examining a number of scenarios and give recommendations. Roughly: look into a variety of scenarios (for example: $5 dues increase vs. $1 increase vs. no over the next five years, look into other recent dues increases and how that impacted membership) and prepare proposals for board consideration. Bring specific information to spring meeting.
  • Cindi will do something with the rest of the $TF

 For Annual

  • Cindi will invite Abigail to come to board to talk about education (also in context of $TF) 

Entrepreneurial Task Force

  • Rachel will draft a charge including: To create a preliminary report for ALA Annual, and a final report for midwinter with eye to making recommendation to board with data behind it for the spring meeting. (Include working with ALA-APA)
  • Membership of group

 Happy Hour

  • Jenny will take information to membership committee: empowered to talk to vendors, coordinate with Forum for requests, to get funding to secure locations. They can get started, but then come to board with what they need. 


  • Zoe will bring something to the board in connect for action 

OITP report

  • Cindi to follow up regarding issues of privacy 
  • Cindi and everyone: collecting stories about digital fair use and how that has helped libraries (impact on real people)

Programs at midwinter

  • Aaron will bring us something when it's time to consider the resolution

Spring meeting

  • Cindi and Mary to pick date
Aaron Dobbs's picture

Fwiw, I don;pt expect anything official to be done on "true" programs at midwinter. Anecdoatlly and conversationally I've heard that at the most recent (two) midwintrers there have been "discussion meetings" which have featured a "not speaker" to "not present" on a topic which is then "discussed" ... but all the while mainataining a veneer of "this is not a program" while looking and feeling exactly like some of the programs and discussion starters at Annual.

My understanding is as long as it is not billed as a program, it can (has been) made to happen at midwinter.

I do not know what this does to the midwinter scheduling calculus, but I figure I should share the aggregated feedback I've gotten from previous conversations.


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian