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MAGIRT Exec Board & Membership Meeting 1/26/2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, US/Eastern

MAGIRT Executive Board Agenda – January 26, 2014
1:30pm EST/ 12:30pm CST / 11:30 MST / 11am PST

Marriott Room 402

Call to Order

Approval of Past Meeting Minutes (if any)

Officer Reports (apprising the group on what has happened since our last meeting)

  • Chair (including news from the Round Table Coordinating Assembly)
  • Vice Chair (Emerging Leader Project, Social Events @ Midwinter, Nominations activity)
  • Past Chair (Governing Documents, Nominations & Awards)
  • Treasurer (Budget 2015, we hope it will come to a vote)
  • Secretary

Committee/Discussion Group/Liaison Reports

  • Cataloging & Classification Committee – Susan
  • Education Committee – Wade (please describe your education outcomes derived from the Core Competencies)
  • GeoTech Committee – Pete
  • Membership & Marketing Committee – Jessica
  • Online Presence Oversight Committee – Tracey
  • Program Planning Committee (Annual 2014 and 2015)- Kathleen & Paige
  • Publications Committee – Roger
  • GIS Discussion Group – Angela
  • Map Collection Management Discussion Group – Marcy Bidney

Discussion items

  • I don’t know if this should go under ‘new business’ or if it should count under the budget discussion:  We should discuss and vote if possible on further support of the Spectrum Scholarship.
  • Stipends for elected positions(submitted by Tracey)
  • Pete Reehling's journal is about to launch, "Applied GIS: Library & Information Science Section".  The primary submission is a map or GIS project, any text portion would supplement the map or dataset rather than the traditional 'other-way-around'.  Pete invites MAGIRT to take a role in this, and the possibilities are many.  We can be a source of peer reviewers, we can be 'co-publisher' (what that would mean I don't know, we could be 'sponsor' (what that would mean I don't know).   Pete would like us to tell him what we want our role to be.
  • Other possible New Business: MAGIRT’s Wikipedia entry (Kathleen)