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GLBTRT Membership Promotion Chair Report - ALA Midwinter 2014

In the time since the ALA Meeting in Chicago:

  • ALA Annual: Past: Getting committee members to be at the conference and getting them to offer to help was a challenge. Many committee members do not use ALA Connect, even though it is the best way for us to communicate and there be a record of it. Future: We need to gather all contact information on committee members (name, email, phone, social media) so that there is no confusion on who is planning on participating on helping the Roundtable at conferences.
  • Promotion: We have successfully completed a new GLBTRT brochure with the new ALA design. We are one of the first to have the new design. Ann has mentioned that she would like to see another brochure made to entice new members – especially allies.
  • Membership: For those of us that came to Annual, we worked hard to promote the Roundtable. Our first membership numbers after annual showed that we gained 51 new memberships. We have lost some since, but we are still doing well. At Annual in Las Vegas we need to work hard again.
  • Elections: This task was moved to a different committee. I started the election drive this year and wrote a passionate paragraph why we need people to lead GLBTRT.

I welcome suggestions or additions to this report.  I am not able to be at Midwinter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherry Machones