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Meeting Notes from Annual 2013

From Beth Friese, pasted below and attached:

Literacy Assembly Meeting

ALA Chicago – McCormick Place Room 135

 June 28, 2013

Facilitator: Beth Friese

Year of transitions. Dale on long term medical leave. New OLOS Director – Michelle Harrell Washington.


IMLS – Library Literacy Action Agenda - Online community of practice looking at adult literacy. White paper. Meeting in DC in September. Paper out in January .

AZ – new legislation. All children on reading level by third grade. And adopting common core.

No one was in attendance that was representing other ALA chapters.

Reviewed agenda for committee meeting if attendees would like to stay for the second meeting.

Discussion – what is a hot topic in literacy that is coming up in your work?

  • Common Core. Assessments. (Including high school equivalency).
  • Digital Literacy (navigating and using tech, evaluating the information)
  • 3rd grade requirement
  • Adults who can read at 3/4th grade level – then get stuck. Good materials for instructor PD and classroom.
  • Disconnect between reading teacher and school librarians.
  • Lack of resources across the life span.
  • How to break the cycle? (Possible session topic?)
  • Need for Information Literacy.
  • Libraries working with employment offices to assist with digital forms.
  • Health Literacy - Changing Health Information Something. (MA)
  • Higher level numeracy needs (for teachers and students)
  • Preparing students for transitions to post-secondary (teachers and librarians)


ALA’s role? – Help libraries identify where they can make literacy connections in their communities.

Recommendations for the Committee on Literacy –

  • Panel that represent different ages. Across the lifespan. Include ESL across the lifespan. (Looks different based on socioeconomic)
  • Literacy and Poverty
  • Possibly a poster session
  • How we are physically arranging / organizing our libraries (Bronx Library Center) working with community resources.
  • Librarians dealing with students. Feeling comfortable. Encouraging students.
  • Immigration reform – how to serve additional patrons


Need to reconstitute Assembly representatives and leader appointed by the incoming Chair of the Committee on Literacy.