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ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee, Midwinter Conference 2014 Meeting Agenda 2014-01-26

ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee

Midwinter Conference Meeting Agenda

January 26, 2014


Convention Center 119B

Please note: we will not be providing print copies of past minutes at this meeting. If you would like to have copies at the meeting, please retrieve them from the links in the agenda. 

  1. Approval of past meeting minutes
    1. ALA Annual 2013 http://connect.ala.org/node/209733
    2. August 16, 2013 http://connect.ala.org/node/217578
    3. January 17, 2014 http://connect.ala.org/node/217223
  2. Planning for schema.org program at Annual
  3. Issues arising from BIBFRAME Forum at Midwinter
  4. Statement on PCC report on internal MARC field punctuation
  5. Planning for community curated metadata news/awareness site
  6. Discussion of further projects we should undertake