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Council Resolution Regarding Website

Hello WAC

I just saw an email about a council resolution that concerns us.  I imagine something like this will pass.  The funny thing is, this already happens IF a given group is using their ALA Connect space and IF they're using the committee webpage template that shows the latest public assets in that group's Connect space.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's my round table's board page.  Our public connect assets display on this page below our roster.  Sure the page is tucked away but we (in the round table) promote our committee pages and board page for their: charges, up-to-date rosters, procedures, links to public posts to the group's ALA Connect spaces, links to contact forms, etc.  We also push the pages in our volunteer process. http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/involved/committees/form  We could certainly do more to mention these pages anytime we're talking about a committee in our newsletters, on the email list, social networking, etc.  I mention the pages all the time in talking with my round table colleagues.

Is there more we could do to push these materials out to members of a given organization without causing more bloat?  Any ideas or experiences out there?

Resolution to Improve Member Access to ALA Unit Governing Information

Whereas the American Library Association (ALA) Core Organizational Values include “An open, inclusive, and collaborative environment;”

Whereas the ALAStrategic Plan identifies Organizational Excellence among the Key Action Areas, stating “The association is inclusive, effective and responsive to the needs of ALA members;” and

Whereas ALA Policy A.7.4.4 Open Meetings states, “All meetings of the American Library Association and its units are open to all members and to members of the press;” now, therefore

be it Resolved, the American Library Association (ALA) adjust Policy A.7.4 to include, All governing bodies of ALA Divisions and Round Tables link their meeting minutes from the unit’s ALA-hosted web page within 30 days of approval of the minutes.