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MW Meeting

On behalf of ALA Conference Committee Chair Jan Sanders, here is the starting agenda for our meeting on Saturday, PCC 304.

  • MW Update
  • Conference Conduct Statement
  • Schedule Update
  • AC Update
  • 2015 Skeleton Schedules
  • Discussion on future directions for ALA Annual Conference

There are a number of documents posted here on ALA Connect.  The timing and sequence of discussion may shift, depending on when Conference Services staff are available.

The MW Kitchen Table Conversations -- small, informal, conversations about ALA as a "community" of members, staff, external allies and others in our field --  are focusing on member aspirations for (and concerns about) the ALA Annual Conference.  If members of this committee -- or the CPCT -- would like to participate in any those discussions, they are being held in PCC 305, 1.5 hour sessions starting at 8:30, 10;30, 1:00 and 3:00, SA-M.  While there will certainly be a report out, active participation is always desirable.

Let me know if you need anything else prior to the meeting.  Thanks.