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Google Book Search: What impact with the GBS saga have on copyright reform?

Hi -

This is not a GODORT Sponsored talk but it might be of interest to many of you.  I'm posting this on behalf of Carrie Russell, the Program Director Public Access to Information which is part of ALA OITP (Office for Information Technology Policy).  

 Google Book Search: What impact with the GBS saga have on copyright reform?

1-2:30pm Sunday

Convention Center 114

Fred von Lohmann (legal counsel to Google, formerly at Electronic Frontier Foundation) will discuss the court dismissal of Authors Guild v. Google. 

The library associations’ amicus brief on behalf of Google was referenced by Judge Chin who said that GBS “has become an invaluable research tool that permits, teachers, librarians, and others to more efficiently identify and locate books.” He continues, “It has given scholars the ability, for the first time, to conduct full-text searches of tens of millions of books. It preserves books, in particular out-of-print and old books that have been forgotten in the bowels of libraries, and it gives them new life.”

The Authors Guild, however, has appealed. Will the decision have any impact on Congress’ promised review of the copyright law?  Laura Quilter from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Lisa Macklin from Emory University will serve as respondents. 

This will be a great program with some “behind the scenes” details. 




Carrie Russell

Program Director, Public Access to Information

ALA Office for Information Technology Policy

1615 New Hampshire Avenue NW First Floor

Washington, DC 20009