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Minutes of the 1/15/2014 online meeting

LITA Publications, Midwinter 2014 meeting
January 15th, 2014

Attendees: Thomas Dowling (Chair), Perry Bratcher,  Zach Coble, Marta Deyrup, Brad Eden, Tai Hurwitz, Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Amy Neeser, Sarah Quimby, Mary Taylor
Guest: Patrick Hogan (ALA publications)

The meeting started at one p.m. EST. Patrick Hogan, from ALA publications, presented the committee with a proposal that would seek to combine both LITA and ALA e-learning opportunities on one ALA platform. These e-learning courses would have the same royalty structure that LITA has now with its LITA guide publications: LITA course developers would receive 10% of the royalties, the LITA division would receive 5% of royalties. The proposal has been shared on the ALA Conect stie.

The LITA publications committee has been asked to present its recommendations to the Board about this proposal within the next month. Mary: courses are they interactive? Discussion board, some assessment. Of some concern was the fact that LITA would be responsible for soliciting, recommending, developing and editing these new courses as well as all quality control issues.

The publications discussed the marketing of the guides and how it might assist with this through positing on relevant listserves and other means.

Zoe Stewart-Marshall ask the publications committee to discuss the pros and cons of this proposal and forward to the board its recommendations.

Mary Taylor expressed the concern that this proposal, as currently written, would be lose money for the division. Taylor presented the committee with an Excel spreadsheet of LITA guide sales. She noted that although they are still making money, they are not as profitable as in the past. She also noted that the majority of books being sold are print not e-books.

Stewart-Marshall asked if this rider for first right of refusal for turning e-books into Web courses had been added to the LITA Guide author contract.FOR PURPOSES FOCUS MORE ON PROGRAMS, OR A COURSE, BUILD ON IT

The meeting minutes from Annual were approved.

Neeser offered to write an announcement to distribute.

Stewart-Marshall asked the publications committee to develop a report for all Zoe, publications revenue generation or elsewhere, looking at it from same terms at institution, not just a cost, but also impact within the committee, ask for the committee to developing the impact of the publications stream not simple do assessment so that you can include in your reports to the board, gives the board something to easily digest in terms of service. Nothing is a given any more, impact of publications

ISI journal impact, right track inadequate marketing has degraded the impact of the guides looking at that doing some experiments, seeing if committee able to counteract the marketing issue, not familiar with how organizations do assessment of e-books, moving in the direction, having

Altmetrics—quantifiable just a list of the guides, amount of revenue generated, provides justification of program, assessment committee tools, LITA assessment to pull in Amy and Marta to work with authors on impact statement with authors, draft what it is that we , check in with assessment committee first,

Developing the value proposition for LITA by annual generate a report to go to the board how to measure value, assessment, impact factors, etc.

Value proposition has to include ITAL usage, beyond to impact tools for assessing impact of journals

Brad ITAL board last annual meeting bob didn’t come, the journal is moving forward, he is doing all the work, only reason get involved , not communicating, Bob needs to report on a regular basis function of use impact.

Discussion as part of ALA, needs to be a deliverable, yeah or nay, plusses and minuses, pursue a relationship with a different publishing addresses any questions, value proposition, revenue impact

Marketing, assessment. Proposal to consider alternative. Charles, two proposals, how to move forward.

What issues other divisions having with ALA Publishing. Feedback to Patrick needs to be

Use discretion, in public for this a central element of our business