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Universal Access Interest Group - Hoping to see you!

The Universal Access Interest Group promotes inclusive library services through sharing information and resources. UAIG fosters relationships among librarians who are passionate about equal access to library resources to all patrons regardless of physically ability, hearing, or vision.

At the upcoming Midwinter Meeting, the UAIG will be meeting: 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Marriott – Room 414

Session URL: http://alamw14.ala.org/node/13088


  • Time for sharing information about accessibility programs / services for people with disabilities in our libraries
  • An opportunity to bring questions for discussion and brainstorming.
  • A brief discussion about potentially sharing meeting space and time with ACRL’s Universal Accessibility Interest Group at future conferences
  • Chris Corrigan, a Special Populations Director on the ASCLA Board will share information sharing about an ASCLA pre-conference that will be offered in San Francisco, before the 2015 Annual Conference. Chris has arranged for a day of training from the Pacific ADA Center, focused on how the ADA informs accessibility for people with disabilities in all kinds of libraries. Our IG has been asked to serve as a sponsor for this exciting learning opportunity! Chris will talk with us about what that means and how we can support the pre-conference.
  • Discussion of a project proposal from Carrie Banks and Barbara Klipper, to establish a clearing house, on-line, for information re:  serving children and youth with disabilities.  It could be a joint project with the youth serving divisions (ALSC, AASL and YALSA) as well as OLOS. Carrie and Barbara both routinely get questions like "how do you include a child with Autism (or Down syndrome etc...)?" and "where do I find information on LD (or braille) literacy?"  This project might include a combination web page and blog that could be a go to place for these types of questions.  It would have links to resources such as the ASCLA tool kit and the University of Syracuse modules on school library inclusion, blogs etc...
  • Announcements and brainstorming for a program that will be presented during the Annual Conference in Las Vegas, about effective community partnerships
  • Other business?