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RUSA HS Executive Committee Midwinter Meeting #2 Agenda

ALA Midwinter Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Convention Center 111 A

Monday, January 27, 2014, 8:30-10am

 Scheduler:  http://alamw14.ala.org/node/12786


Please submit meeting highlights and/or other committee discussion and activity to http://www.ala.org/rusa/volunteer/mtghighlights

1.  Report on RUSA Board of Directors (Michelle Baildon)

2.  Reports from History Section Committees and Discussion Groups

  • ABC-CLIO Online History Award Committee (Joshua Lupkin, not present)
  • Communications Committee (Makiba Foster and Laura Hibbler, not present)
  • Genealogical Publishing Company Award Committee (Helen Gbala)
  • Genealogy & Local History Discussion Group (Curt Witcher)
  • Genealogy Committee (Mike Hall)
  • Genealogy Preconference Planning (Melinde Lutz-Byrne & Bill Forsyth)
  • History Librarians Discussion Group (Chella Vaidyanathan)
  • Historical Materials (Nicholas Wyant, not present)
  • Instruction & Research Services Committee (Shelley Arlen)
  • Local History Committee (Bill Forsyth)

3.  History Section Reps to RUSA Committees

  • RUSA Access to Information  (Nicholas Wyant, not present)
  • RUSA Awards Coordinating  (Agnes Haigh Widder)
  • RUSA Budget and Finance (Morris and Presnell)
  • RUSA Conference Program Coordinating  (Janalyn L. Moss, not present)
  • RUSA Learning Opportunities and Knowledge Task Force (Jenny Presnell)
  • RUSA Membership Committee  (Patrick B. Oberholtzer)
  • RUSA Nominating Committee (Curt B. Witcher)
  • RUSA Organization and Planning:  (David A. Lincove, not present)
  • RUSA Professional Development  (Rachael E. Elrod, not present)
  • RUSA Publications and Communications  (Shelley A. Arlen)
  • RUSA Standards & Guidelines  (Charles B. Thurston)

4.  Other Business