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Midwinter Executive Board Meeting Agenda and Attachments

New Members Round Table
Midwinter Executive Board Meeting
Saturday, January 25, 2014
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 308

Order of Business may be modified to accommodate visitors’ schedules

1. Call to order
2. Introductions
3. Approval of minutes
Fall Meeting (10/23/13) http://connect.ala.org/node/217221
Special Board Meeting (10/30/13) http://connect.ala.org/node/217315
Special Board Meeting (11/12/13) http://connect.ala.org/node/217323

Items requiring a vote

Proposal to provide free registration to events for chairs of planning committees (Tammy/Emily) http://connect.ala.org/comment/56591#comment-56591
Approval of 2014-2015 draft budget (Jonathan) LINK

Old Business (no vote required)

Update of fundraising efforts
Vendor sponsorship outreach (Cory, Emily)
Funding of Professional Development Grant (Jonathan/Emily/all)
Preconference (Emily/Tammy) http://connect.ala.org/comment/56592#comment-56592
Discussion of plans for communicating upcoming vote on membership dues increase (all)

New Business (no vote required)

Update from ALA Executive Board (Dora Ho)
Update from BARC (Christine Lind Hage)
Visit from ALA Membership Director (Ron Jankowski)
Question for Ron: Update on the Illinois Library Association membership drive
Discussion of Statement of Appropriate Conduct http://ala14.ala.org/statement-of-appropriate-conduct (all)
Update on LLAMA New Professionals Section (Kate)
Discussion of dealing with overflow from on-site Resume Review Service (Emily/Kari)
Discussion of procedures for changing committee e-mail addresses (Kari)

NMRT Events @ Midwinter http://www.nmrt.ala.org/notes/?p=266
Saturday, January 25th
Conference Orientation (NMRT) 8:30 am 10:00 am PCC – Room 307B
Executive Board Committee Meeting (NMRT) 10:30 am 12:30 pm PCC – Room 308
Membership & Networking Meeting 3:00 pm 04:00 pm PCC – 105B
Midwinter Social–The Black Sheep Pub 5:30 pm 07:30 pm (Black Sheep Pub – 247 S. 17th St.)
Sunday January 26, 2014:
NMRT/LLAMA Discussion Group 10:30am 11:30am PCC – Room 108A
Update from the Legislative Assembly will be provided by e-mail/Connect following Midwinter (Kate)


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 NMRT Board Proposal Template

PROPOSAL TO codify ticketing for volunteers at NMRT-sponsored events

From (Name and Office/Committee):  Emily Prather-Rodgers(NMRT President) and Tammy Ivins (chair of the President's Program and Membership Meeting committee)

Date:  1/25/2014

  1. Board Action Requested:

An addition to the ALA-NMRT bylaws.

Article V: 7

NMRT committees may be called upon to organize ticketed events (for fundraising or other purposes) on behalf of NMRT. On those occasions, committee chair[s] may, with the permission of their supervising NMRT board member, attend the event for free as a volunteer for the purposes of  coordinating and managing the event. The committee chair[s] or a single designated alternate from the committee are the only members of the committee who may attend the event for free as a volunteer; any other committee members who wish attend must register and pay as an attendee.

  1. Background:

The primary goal of a fundraising event must be to actually raise funds, and thus it is important to not offer free admission to attendees. NMRT cannot afford to offer complementary admission to all committee volunteers, board members, etc who may participate in planning an event. Such volunteers can pay to attend the event, or choose not to attend. However, the chair of the committee is placed in an awkward position since s/he has ultimate responsibility for ensuring a well-run program and thus really has to to be there (and be there working, not attending) in order to assure quality. 


  1. Rationale:

This proposal codifies standard ALA practice, as summarized by the ALA representative to the NMRT Kim Redd: “practice has been the chair (only) could be exempt from paying the preconference registration fee based on the reasons previously mentioned.  Please keep in mind the purpose of the preconference is to generate revenue.  The cost of the preconference is to pay for the expenses on a cost recovery basis and generate a profit.  If all committee members attend without paying at least for the expenses it is possible the round table would not generate any revenue and end up with a negative balance in the budget.” 

  1. Impact on:
    1. Organization: Improved quality of ticketed events as the managing volunteer will be present.
    2. Committee: The President’s Program Committee can plan more elaborate and rewarding program for attendees if they are confident that there will be onsite management of the program.
    3. Other Committees:  n/a
    4. Finances (please indicate amounts here with only brief descriptions. Detailed descriptions of costs should be supplied in “E: Supplemental Information” below):  None, as the ticket not sold to the managing volunteer will be available for purchase by regular attendee.
  2. Supplemental Information (including complete text of the report or policy, and for any proposal that requires additional funding, provide a description and justification for each item):  n/a
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INFO PASTED BELOW OR SEE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K3vkHFecUs7KXZ4ddJdInM4d7SG6tztAdain...


Time 9am-noon  

Date iday June 27 2014

Location Conference Center, room TBA

Title Coming out of the Shell: Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker.

Attendance cap  30

Anyone, even the shyest among us, can give a presentation that everyone will listen to... it just takes learning savvy presentation and public speaking skills. Three experienced librarians with years of instruction and public speaking experience will impart their wisdom at this pre-conference session, sharing their favorite tools, tricks, and tips. Attendees will learn how to put together an engaging, informative, and appropriate presentation that will command attention, as well as how to overcome nervousness and stage fright. Attendees will be able to actively participate and practice some of what they learn. Everyone has a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard with the attention it deserves. Whether you are an experienced or new librarian, join us on June 27th to gain new insight into coming out of your shell and becoming a powerful public speaker.


Tiffini Travis, Advisor for Information literacy and library instructional assessment, California State University, Long Beach

Tiffini Travis is the Advisor for Information literacy and library instructional assessment at CSU Long Beach. In this role she is responsible for facilitating campus-wide information literacy initiatives and developing strategies for assessing the impact of library instruction on student success. In her time with the CSU system she has been awarded four Information Competence Grants. Her article "Librarians as Agents of Change: Working with Curriculum Committees using Change Agency Theory” was selected as one of the TOP 20 Instructional Articles of 2008 by Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT). Her varied research interests include information literacy in the workplace, using social media for library outreach, and mobile library site usability. She has recently expanded her subject expertise in the area of popular culture, co-authoring a book called Skinheads: A Guide to an American Subculture (Greenwood 2012). Ms. Travis joined the Immersion Faculty in 2006 and has taught at every Immersion Classic since 2007. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters of Library and Information Science from University of California, Los Angeles.

Manuel Urrizola, Head of Metadata & Technical Services for University Libraries at the University of California, Riverside.

Manuel Urrizola is an award-winning speaker, who regularly receives requests to teach public speaking workshops at schools, universities, public libraries, professional conferences, or community organizations. He received his B.A. in Art History from Amherst College and his Master of Library Science from UC Berkeley. He is the Head of Metadata & Technical Services for the UC Riverside Libraries, editor of Great Moments in the History of Technical Services, map lover, and amateur singer and poet.

Char Booth, Instruction Services Manager and E-Learning librarian, Claremont Colleges  


Early riser, devoted oceanite, and advocate of radical neutrality, Char Booth explores the integration of pedagogy, research, technology, and design in libraries. Char is Head of Instruction Services and E-Learning Librarian at the Claremont Colleges Library, and is on the faculty of the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Institute. Char blogs at info-mational and tweets @charbooth. Her publications include the Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year-winning Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning: Instructional Literacy for Library Educators (ALA Editions, 2011) and Informing Innovation: Tracking Student Interest in Emerging Library Technologies (ACRL, 2009).



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Here is the rough draft of the budget. Please print out a copy for conference and prepare to discuss it.

Jonathan Lu
Public Service Librarian
Gwinnett County Library 
NMRT FY2014-15 draft.xls70 KB