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James Rettig's picture

COO Meetings in Philadelphia

COO members,

If your preference is working with paper documents, please be sure to print the COO documents and bring your copies with you to Philadelphia.  In the interests of economy for ALA and its greening efforts, we will not be supplying paper copies of the documents in Philadelphia.

Bring warm clothes with you; the predicted temperature ranges from 15 to 34 for Friday and Saturday.

See you there!

Jim Rettig

Teri Switzer's picture

Jim et al,

Big thanks to Jim and Kerri for posting all our documents.  Now, just get the weather to settle down so we can all make it to Philly on time, with our luggage, and in one piece.

I so regret that I will not make these two meetings.  I have already sent you my thoughts on the sunsetting, etc.  Following are just a couple remarks on the MIGs.  ALA has several diversity committees spread throughout the divisions as well as the whole of ALA (big ALA - although I don't like using that term).  It is important for this new interest group to keep close contact with the Office of Diversity, etc.  I am sure the established diversity groups will appreciate having additional people to help with programs, but there needs to be some coordination so the programs don't compete with one another, if that is possible.  Has Gwendolyn et al been contacted about this group?  What do they think?

The same goes for the programming interest group.  This is an area where my library could use some help, so I welcome the group.  The charge mentions establishing a close relationship with the Office of Public Programs.  Have they been contacted about this interest group and have they ideas on how this interest group could further the office's mission and goals?

Have fun, Everyone, and safe travels!!

Teri S.

Teri R. Switzer, Ph.D.

Dean, Kraemer Family Library, UCCS

James Rettig's picture

AL Policy states:

A. 4.3.12 Membership Initiative Groups (MIG)
A Membership Initiative Groups (MIG) is formed when a group of ALA members identifies a common concern or interest about librarianship which falls outside the delegated responsibility of
a single division,roundtable, or unit, and wishes to establish a short-term mechanism to address this concern or interest. Toestablish a MIG, which must be approved by COO and reported to Council, a group must submit to theCommittee on Organization a statement of purpose, at least one hundred signatures of ALA members in good standing, and the names and addresses of designated organizers.
Oddly, this does not quantify "short-term."  Does this imply a fixed period after which the MIG ceases to exist?  I checked my paper copy of the 2008-2009 policy manual in the Handbook of Organization and I can't find MIGs defined there, let alone an explanation of "short-term."
Another topic for COO to deal with?

Jim Rettig

Retired Academic Library Administrator

Happily living in Williamsburg, Virgina