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ALCTS / LITA Metadata Standards Committee Meeting Minutes

January 17 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Eva Balcovac, Jenn Riley, Denise Bennett, Kevin Clair, Janet Lee-Smeltzer, Erik Mitchell, Bonnie Parks, Amy Rudersdorf, Jon Solomon


1. NISO CCM liaison

  • Eva will remain formal liaison; need to find a replacement. Either way, the liaison must be a formal member of the NISO committee.
  • She is going to work on establishing a formal relationship before her position times out on this committee after ALA 2014.

2. Following up with PCC about changing practices for MARC punctuation

  • PCC Statement response felt language was too strong.
  • Committee agrees that the language should be strong, but discussed slight changes to the statement. Willing to change slightly. Will go back to PCC and express our interest in a strong statement; unanimous decision from committee

3. Getting started on a community information sharing program

  • Blogging / guest curators / Digital Humanities
  • Create a blog similar to http://acrl.ala.org/dh/ (1600 twitter followers) where the "community" curates it. Committee members would not be responsible for curating it.
  • Primary location for any committee outputs
  • Midwinter: will continue conversation about what sorts of topics the blog would include, how it would be structured, etc.

4. Getting started on documentation demonstrating library and industry metadata relationships

  • Leave this for Midwinter discussion

5. Agenda and logistics for in person meeting at midwinter

  • Sunday, January 27, 1-2:30pm
  • Need to formally approve minutes from this meeting and a few preceding
  • Will send out an email to draft notes; won't bring paper copies
  • ALA presenter suggestions (topic schema.org)
    • Jason Ronallo: would be interested in presenting at ALA, but is working on securing funding from his institution.
    • Silvia Southwick: Declined.
    • Dan Scott: Eva will talk to him.
    • Mark Matienzo: No.
    • Tom Johnson (OSU): Bonnie.¬†
    • Chris Beer (Stanford) - also Greg Mercer (Graduate School of Business)
    • Richard Wallis (OCLC)
  • Kevin volunteered to take notes at Midwinter.
  • Agenda for Midwinter
    • Approve minutes
    • PCC statement
    • Annual presentation planning¬†
    • Blog discussion
    • Other communication outlets needed?
    • Issues arising out of Bibframe Forum