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Midwinter 2014: VRT Executive Board Meeting


Video Round Table (VRT) – Executive Board Meeting
January 27, 2014 8:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 304


1.  Introductions

2.  Additions to Agenda

3.  Approve Minutes from ALA Annual 2013

4.  Treasurer’s Report

5.  MidWinter Wrap-Up

a. Notable Videos for Adults Awards – Julia Churchill

b. Digital Media Discussion Group – Benjamin Franz

c. 2015 Annual Programs Ad-Hoc Discussion Group - Laura Jenemann

 6.  Nominations – Scott Spicer

 7.  Multimedia Production Discussion Group – Shelly McCoy

 8.  Membership Committee - Matthew Windsor

 9.  Communications Committee - Brian Boling

10.  VRT Newsletter: Resume or….?   -  Anthony Anderson

11.  Webpage – Andrew Horbal

12.  By-Laws Revision – Scott Spicer

13.  2014 Annual Programs

           a. PreConference  - Howard Besser

           b. “Leading Successful Media Production Services in Academic and Public Libraries” – Scott Spicer

           c. “Video Librarianship 101”- Elizabeth Myers

14. Liaison Reports

                 a. IFLA – Howard Besser

                 b. AMIA – Chris Lewis

                 c. ALA Roundtable Coordinating Assembly – Anthony Anderson


15.  2015 Gala planning

16.  Old business?

17.  New business?