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Newsletter Committee 2014 Midwinter Report

The former Newsletter Committee has made some great changes this past year. Thanks to the support of the Executive Committee, the committee, which produced three newsletters in 2013, has been morphed into the News Committee, responsible for GLBT News, a weekly blog (http://www.glbtrt.ala.org/news/) that will be the official news outlet for GLBTRT. Mack Freeman, next year’s chair, is responsible for the look of the blog. I’m sending him news, and the other two members, Tess Goldwasser Jenna Goodall, are writing columns. Tess has already started a weekly “People Profile” with two thus far, and Jenna will continue her youth column and do special assignments. The blog will also provide blogs of special interest to the round table. Interested parties should contact Editor Nel Ward (nelcward@charter.net).

Because of the change, a new committee, Reviews Committee, will concentrate on information about media—reviews, columns, announcements, etc. This committee doesn’t officially begin until after 2014 but the groundwork will be laid before then. This committee also has a foundation of reviewers; anyone interested in writing for the Reviews Committee blog (http://www.glbtrt.ala.org/reviews/) should contact Nel Ward (nelward@charter.net).

As communication theorist Marshall McLuhan said almost 50 years ago, “The medium is the message.” The Reviews Committee and the News Committee look forward to providing the message through a new medium.

We encourage all GLBTRT members to sign up for these blogs.