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Round Table Updates Posted and Available for Viewing

Slight updates to the attached file!

Hi Everyone,

For those who were able to send or submit information about your round table, the compiled document has now been posted to ALA Connect.  I will also send it out over the listserv, but wanted to put it in a number of places for easy access.  For those who included information about events taking place during Midwinter, I went through and made that information bold.

Countdown to Midwinter is definitely on - see you all in a few days and travel safely!


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As President of LSSIRT, I would like to be added to this group so I don't have to search for it.  Thanks, Kareen


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Hi Kareen, Let me check with our liaison to find out how to add you.

Thank you!

Kawanna Bright
Head of Information & Research Services
Florida International University Libraries
P: 305-348-4853

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I think I "applied" for this committee.  How do I find out?   thanks, Kareen