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Round Table Coordinating Assembly Meeting Agenda

Hi Everyone!  We are a week out from Philadelphia.  I hope everyone is ready to enjoy a wonderful conference.  I wanted to share the agenda for our meeting.  I will be sharing the document that I'm compiling with round table information today and hopefully posting this evening.  Safe travels, everyone!

Friday, January 24th; 10:30am – 12:00pm

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown (MAR), Franklin 08

Draft Agenda

  1. Roundtables’ Intro (10:30am – 10:35)
  2. Roundtable Brochures – ALA Membership Director (10:35 – 10:40)
  3. How to Submit Information to AL Direct (10:40 – 10:45)
  4. ALA Presidential Candidate: Maggie Farrell (10:45am – 10:50am)
  5. By-Laws Review and Update (10:50 – 11:00)
  6. ALA Presidential Candidate: Sari Feldman (11am – 11:05am)
  7. Updates on ALA’s Activities: Maureen Sullivan, Executive Board Representative (Upon Arrival)*
  8. Additional Business (As time allows)
  9. Roundtable 1-Minute Round Robins (Remaining time)

    *Due to overlapping meetings, the agenda may be shifted to accommodate Maureen’s arrival.