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2014 Midwinter Meeting Executive Board Agenda and Notes

NB: This document hold meeting notes with each agenda item.  Items not addressed in the meeting are marked as such in there headings with the phrase (Not Covered in Meeting).  These items are already on our parking lot list.

This document also contains all 2014 Midwinter reports from committee chairs and representatives at this time.  More may be added later.

Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 8:30am to 11:30am
Room 310, Marriott 1201 Market Street

1. Call to Order (Roland)

2. Introductions (Roland)

3. Agenda Approval (Roland)

4. Approval of Past Meeting Notes (Andrew) (5 mins)

Action: Review meeting notes before the meeting, come with corrections.
NB: You can also share amendments on the board email list before the meeting.
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

Minutes: Small amendments were made to the above minutes and they were approved.


5. Report & Discussion Time with GLBTRT Councilor (Peter Hepburn) (15 mins)

Minutes: P. Hepburn gave a report on Council activities. There are two main resolutions to be voted on. One has to do with Edward Snowden and whistle-blowers. The other has to do with Federal depository libraries. There was some discussion among board members about the whistle-blower resolution. It was felt that that ALA should reject the resolution to support whistle-blowers.  Hepburn announced that he has been asked to run for a position on the ALA Executive Board. 


6. Sara Kelly Johns, ALA Exec Board Liaison (Roland) 9:00 am  (10 mins)

Minutes: The current membership of the organization stands at 57,000. The attendance at this conference is about 5,000 ALA members. Total registration for the conference is 12,000. There has been a major realignment of positions within ALA. The ALA budget is just about back in balance so that a 2% raise for all staff employees has been granted. 


7. Sari Feldman, ALA Presidential Candidate (Roland) 9:30 am (5 mins)


8. Changes to Stonewall Book Award Committee Voting Procedures (10 mins)

Action: Motion to adopt proposed changes to the rules on how the SBAC votes
Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl
Supporting Informationhttp://connect.ala.org/node/217032

Minutes: The next item of business was the proposed changed to the voting procedures for the Stonewall Book Awards Committee. P. Coyl spoke about the proposed changes.  Basically the changes, if approved, would mean that the books with the most votes would be the ones that would advance in the award process.  A motion was made (Hepburn) and seconded (Symons) to accept the proposed changes. The motion was approved. 


9. Stonewall Book Award Committee Structure Proposals (30 mins)

Action 1: Discussion about the Ad hoc Committee on the Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee.
Action 2: Motion to adopt the implementation plan posed by Peter Coyl and Ann Symons.
Item Facilitator: Roland Hansen
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

Minutes: The next item of business was the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Organization of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee, which has been submitted.  An implementation plan was submitted by P. Coyl and A. Symons. The proposal would establish two committees, one for adult books and one for youth.  Discussion followed.

There was a break in the meeting as Sara Johns was introduced to make a presentation on the activities of the ALA Executive Board. (Item 6)

Discussion resumed on the SBAC committee structure. Should there be two or three committees is the main question.  Romans stated he felt that two committees were sufficient but that we should revisit the question is a couple of years to see how that plan is working.

There was another pause in the meeting for presentations by the two people running for the office of ALA Vice-President/President-elect.

Discussion of the committee structure resumed. The type of committee needs to be decided. Will these be standing committees or ad hoc ones?  What size should they be?  It was emphasized that all committee members must attend the mid-winter meeting.  It was moved, seconded and passed that both committees have 11 members.  The motion language:

Motion to have 11 members on the SBAC committees

Discussion continued. It was pointed out that there might be as many as 44 members working at the same time. It was moved that after a transition period to the new structure that the current model would be followed. There would be two-year staggered appointments. The round table chair would appoint the Stonewall chair. There would also be staggered terms for the chairs.  Passed.  A motion was made to split it into two sub-committees and to revisit this organization in two years to see if three sub-committees were needed.  This motion was passed also. 

The motion language was:
Motion to split the existing sbac into 2 subcommittees, one for literature and non-fiction and one for Children and YA, with the notion in 2 years, we (the board) revisit this issue and decide if we want separate committees (i.e. literature and non-fiction).

10. Board Members on Committees (10 mins) (Not Covered in Meeting)

Action: Motion that the GLBRT Executive Board codify practice into policy that GLBTRT Board Members may not simultaneously serve on the Board and on a committee except in their Board role as liaison.  Any current board member who is a member of a committee will be asked resign as of MW 2014.
Item Facilitator: Ann Symons
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

Background:  It is ALA practice, both within ALA and its Divisions, that Executive Board Members are not members of Committees of the same unit.  It is also the practice that a board member who is a member of a committee resigns from the committee upon service on the Board. 

Rationale:  Conflict of Interest, necessity to be involved with the board, provide leadership on the board, use liaison responsibilities to learn more about the RT structure and engage with members; take time to envision what you want the RT to be and propose ways to improve.

The GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document States:

Executive Board: The GLBT Round Table is governed by an elected executive board.  The board consists of the chair, chair-elect, past-chair, treasurer, secretary, councilor, and five directors-at-Large.
From: http://connect.ala.org/node/161432

The charge of the board is as follows:

The executive board will:

    • provide oversight and long-term planning for the round table, including: goal-setting, programs, projects, activities, and publications;
    • conduct and review all business between membership meetings;
    • carry out  the formal decisions of  membership;
    • review and approve an annual round table budget;
    • report activities to membership through round table communication channels; and make recommendations to membership by all round table communication channels.

From: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/glb-ec


11. Standing Committees (15 mins) (Not Covered in Meeting)

Action: Motion to codify practice for standing committees in absence of clear language in the by-laws and notify committees formally that the roles of past-chair and chair-elect no longer exist. 
Item Facilitator: Ann Symons
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

The chair and chair-elect of GLBTRT both have appointing powers for committees depending on the year of the appointment. 

In the transition from Steering Committee to Executive Board the Bylaws support the power of the chair to make appointments both for committees and for the chair.  In the absence of clear direction from the by-laws, ALA policy/practice regarding standing committees will be followed.   It is time to make sure that committee appointments are clear for the next chair-elect and leaders who follow him/her.   

The words chair-elect, and past-chair have been deleted from almost all Committee descriptions and charges.   Beginning at the end of Annual 2014 there will be no designations of members as chair-elect or past chair and no positions on committees for these former roles.  As recently as early this month we have committees who still believe they are in charge of telling the chair and chair-elect who will be appointed for future years:  Hi!  I think we (as a committee) are ahead of schedule in regards to chairs and chair-elects, but I’m not sure. I step down after this Midwinter (2014 in Philly) and we have --- stepping up from chair-elect to chair through Midwinter 2015 (Chicago) and  ---stepping up as chair-elect for 2014-2015. She would be the chair from 2015 through Midwinter 2016 (Boston).


12. Bylaws Amendment (5 Mins)

Action: Motion to place the following bylaws amendment language on the 2014 ALA Election ballot regarding board quorum:  “A majority of the voting members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Board.”
Item Facilitator: Ann Symons
Vote: Yes
Background Information: Source of the change is the ALA Constitution, Section 4 of Article VII. Executive Board: http://www.ala.org/aboutala/governance/constitution/constitution

Minutes: Next on the agenda was a bylaws amendment, which states that a majority of voting members would constitute a quorum of the Executive Board of the round table. It was passed.


13. Charge for Fundraising Committee (15 mins)

Action: Motion to adopt a charge for the GLBTRT Fundraising Committee
Item Facilitator: Larry Romans
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information: The draft charge for this committee was not adopted at the board meeting at 2013 Annual Conference.  The charge language posed at that meeting is located here: http://connect.ala.org/node/208502    The meeting notes for 2013 Annual are located here: http://connect.ala.org/node/208501

Minutes: Next up for discussion was the Fundraising Committee.  The original purpose of this committee was to raise funds for the Stonewall Book Awards endowment.  Robert Newlen, who works for the Library of Congress talked about what he does for fund-raising for that library. It was pointed out that there is a lot of support in the ALA Development Office for planned giving. 


14. GLBTRT Book List Committee Language (15 Mins)

Action: Discussion about the use of the word nominations by round table committees in our web presence.  (15 Mins)
Item Facilitator: David Vess
Vote: No
Supporting Information:  The term nomination is often used to describe books under consideration for the OTR and Rainbow book lists.  I’ve seen this term misunderstood in social media by authors and readers.  The term is closely associated with elections and awards.  People interpret the use of the term to mean OTR and Rainbow committees are book awards.  The Stonewall committee removed the term from their nomination form a few years ago, preferring to name it a suggestion form.  I recall that Stonewall members at that time preferred to not use the term at all but cannot recall the specifics.  I can look into this further if the board wishes.  I think we should ask the committees to refrain from using the term nomination and adopt other consistent language to note the books they are considering for their final bibliographies. 

Minutes: A motion was made to prohibit the use of the word nomination when talking about books being proposed for  notable book lists such as the Over the Rainbow Book List or the  Rainbow Book List. It was decided that the group would talk more about this at a future meeting.


15. Web Site Updates Proposal (15 Mins) (Not Covered in Meeting)

Action: Motion to enlist ALA design services to create custom branding for the GLBTRT website and create feature slides for use on the round table home page.   (15 mins)
Item Facilitator: David Isaak, GLBTRT Web Cmte Chair & David Vess
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information: 

    • Examples: Look at any of the ALA division sites.  They have their own header and color palette.
    • Costs:
      • Design of up to 6 feature slides for website: $400-500
      • Design of custom header for website and color scheme $400-500
    • List of potential slides to be developed: Book Awards; Elections; Committee Volunteering; Professional Resources Page; News site; Reviews site; OTR site; Rainbow Site;
    • If there is a concern with costs, I think it’s worth it to have professionally developed feature slides done first.  We could live without a new website heading and color changes.  DV

16. Announcements


The fundraising for supporting an emerging leader is close to its goal.

Wick Thomas has been named as an emerging leader.

There was discussion on the visibility of the Diversity Council which, it was pointed out, is separate from the Committee on Diversity.


17. Adjournment


18. Appendix: Reports from Committees and Representatives

Reports will not be read at the meeting.  They are provided here as an index to those received.  Links to reports will be added as they are sent in.

Committee chairs should place their reports in their ALA Connect committee spaces and email the link to the report on the board’s contact form.  Representatives should submit their reports via the board contact form.

GLBTRT Committee Reports

Note that all committees and their rosters can be located on the committees page of the GLBTRT website.

GLBTRT Representative Reports

Note that contact information to all GLBTRT representatives can be found on the GLBTRT Representative page.

NB: representative reports are often best shared after MW Meetings and Annual Conferences.

Representative and Liaison Reports:


    • Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) (GLBTRT Treasurer, Ex-officio representative) : [awaiting report]


    • Diversity Council, a subcommittee of the Committee on Diversity: [awaiting report]



    • Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT): [awaiting report]


    • Legislation Assembly (ALA Committee on Legislation): [awaiting report]


    • New Members Round Table (NMRT): [awaiting report]


    • Office for Literacy and Outreach Services Advisory Committee [awaiting report]


    • Round Table Coordinating Assembly (RTCA): [awaiting report]


    • Planning and Budget Assembly (GLBTRT Treasurer, Ex-officio representative)  [awaiting report]