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2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting-AV & Room Set-ups

Dear Member Leaders,

As we gear up for 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, please review and share the following information with your member leaders that will be onsite.

AV Information

ALA Conference Services recommends confirming your AV request at the audiovisual desk located in the ALA office area in Hall C in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you requested AV during the meeting request time frame and were NOT contacted, it should be considered an approved request.

If you arrive to your session and it is missing AV equipment that has been requested and approved, then please contact the AV desk immediately at 214-418-2407 or Conference Services at 215-418-2400. Unless you report missing AV, ALA will be charged for ordered materials even if they are not present.

Room set-up information

Please note that members are prohibited from making room set changes in the convention center and hotel meeting rooms. ALA Conference Services has set the rooms to accommodate all groups that will use that space during the day, not a single group. If a room is missing chairs, then please use the number above and let ALA Conference Services know.

After the conference, please notify your staff liaison of any issues with AV and room set-up.  The reports will be compiled and sent to ALA Conference Services. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Safe travels,
Allison Payne