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MAGIRT Exec Board Meeting 1/16/2014

MAGIRT Executive Board Agenda – January 16, 2013
2pm EST/ 1pm CST / Noon MST / 11am PST

Meeting by Adobe Connect


Connect to meeting: https://connect.msu.edu/magirt1162014/

You must have a microphone and speakers, preferably in the form of a headset, to participate.  And Flash has to be installed.  I will join the meeting room about 15 minutes early, you can join me to test your microphones & things.  Also, Nancy Kandoian and I are going to do a check at 11am on Thursday (EST).

Call to Order

Approval of Past Meeting Minutes

Officer Reports (i.e. apprising the group on what has happened since our last meeting)

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair (Emerging Leader Project, Social Events @ Midwinter)
  • Past Chair (Governing Documents, Nominations & Awards)
  • Treasurer (Budget)
  • Secretary

Committee/Discussion Group Reports (i.e. apprising the group on what has happened since our last meeting)

  • Cataloging & Classification Committee – Susan
  • Education Committee – Wade (please describe your education outcomes derived from the Core Competencies)
  • GeoTech Committee – Pete
  • Membership & Marketing Committee – Jessica
  • Online Presence Oversight Committee – Tracey
  • Program Planning Committee (Annual 2014 and 2015)- Kathleen
  • Publications Committee – Roger
  • GIS Discussion Group – Angela
  • Map Collection Management Discussion Group – Marcy Bidney

Old Business (i.e. Ongoing Business)

  • Program Planning 2014 & 2015 - Kathleen
  • Vice Chair (Emerging Leader Project, Social Events @ Midwinter)
  • Treasurer (Budget)  -- Budget 2015

New Business

  • A proposal to offer travel reimbursements to officers



Next Exec Board Meeting Date

Exec Board 2: Sunday January 26, 2014, 1:30-3:00pm, Marriott Room 402