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2014 MW Website Advisory Cmte Agenda and Minutes [DRAFT]

NB: This document holds the agenda and meeting notes.  These notes will be amended and adopted at the next meeting of the committee.

ALA Website Advisory Committee - Meeting Minutes - 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting – Philadelphia
Sunday, January 26 2014
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Pennsylvania Convention Center PCC-109 A

1.0 Call to Order and Introductions - Vess 10 min. (3:00)

Attendees: Erin Boyd, ALCTS Representative; Arron Dobbs, Councilor and Former WAC Chair; Linda Friend, RUSA Representative; Simon Healey, Chair of the Accessibility Forum; Steven Hofmann (PLA); Ruth Newell, United For Libraries Representative; David Vess, WAC chair; Erin Rushton, WAC Intern; Sherri Vanyek, Head of ALA ITTS; Jenny Levine,  Internet Development Specialist and Strategy Guide.  (I'm missing a few more.  Can someone fill in those missing?)

2.0 Report from Executive Board Liaison – Rob Banks 15 min. (3:10)

Rob Banks, WAC’s Executive Board Liaison shared a report from the Executive Board.  http://connect.ala.org/files/2014-Midwinter-ALA-board-talking-points.pdf

WAC asked Rob to let the Executive Board know that ITTS is strapped for resources and this is starting to impact the ability of divisions and committees to conduct their work.     

3.0 Committee Business - Vess 15 min. (3:25)

Changes to the Agenda:

Simon Healey Chair of the Accessibility Forum added three items to section 7 of this agenda. 

Review of Minutes from Annual 2013

Annual Action Items: http://connect.ala.org/node/214920  Minutes were approved.

The committee had brief discussion about Council's resolution on access to electronic communications.


4.0 Questions about ITTS Report to WAC - Vanyek, Levine 15 min. (3:40)

Full report available here:  http://connect.ala.org/node/216983

Highlights from the report:

    • ITTS has been working with the registration and housing vendor to make the site more accessible. 
    • ITTS is working on a project that will make it possible to merge the profiles from ALA Connect and the member profiles available on ala.org into one master profile.  They hope to launch the new profile system in April.  This project needs to be completed so that ITTS can begin work on the new ecommerce system.
    • ITTS is aware of an issue with the committee roster synchronization from iMIS to Connect.  ITTS resources won’t be available to resolve it until later in the next fiscal year. ITTS encouraged sections and committees to check Connect rosters to make sure they are correct.  If a member is not on the roster, they should log into Connect.  This will trigger the person to be “added” to the database. 
    • The Google Mini Search Appliance is no longer supported by Google so ITTS is moving to an Apache Solr Search.  The new search engine includes facets and each top level directory of ALA (this includes all division and round table sites) have their own search collections.
    • ITTS plans to roll out a global calendar.  This will help keep members informed about what is going on in ALA.  The calendar will be part of the website.

WAC had a discussion about the future of Mediawiki and whether this was something ALA needs to continue supporting - especially since many sections and committees are using ALA Connect. There are no plans to retire Mediawiki in the immediate future but this is something WAC might want to propose if usage is low. 

ACTION ITEM: Sherri will pull usage statistics for Mediawiki for the Committee to review. 

ACTION ITEM: Committee members should check with their groups to see if MediaWiki is being used. 

David commented on ITTS’s impressive work in the area of social media.

Simon praised ITTS praised for their awareness of accessibility issues as well as their proactive work in this area.  Simon also noted that ITTS is very responsive to concerns and questions about accessibility issues.     

David noted that ITTS has been very busy as evidenced by the report.  He thanked ITTS for their hard work.

5.0 Questions about ITTS Roadmap – Vanyek 15 min (3:55)

See:  http://itts.ala.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ALA-Technology-Roadmap.pdf

The Roadmap outlines projects ITTS is working on/plans to work for the next four years.  

ITTS is currently accepting projects for 2016.  

6.0 Discussion for Future of WAC – Vess 30 min. (4:10)

The WAC has important role in ALA and is positioned to do valuable work for the association.

Several members who attend WAC are responsible for updating their committee/section websites.  There are, however, many individuals in ALA with this responsibility who do not attend WAC meetings. Should there be a push to encourage sections and committees to have representation at WAC meetings? 

One way to perhaps encourage member participation is to hold virtual meetings between conferences.

Aaron Dobbs commented that it was imperative for ALA groups to have representation at WAC meetings so that they can share with WAC what their groups are doing and what they need.  More importantly, these representatives need to report back on the important work that ITTS is doing.  WAC and ITTS needs to have support from divisions and committees.

ACTION ITEM:  Steven Hoffman of PLA suggested that as chair of WAC, he could ask to attend various meetings at ALA Annual to encourage sections and committees to have representation on WAC.    

7.0 Action Items/Other Business Summary - WAC 20 min. (4:40)

Simon Healey Chair of the Accessibility Forum stressed the importance of making sure that ALA is compliant with accessibility standards.  He reported on three issues

Accessibility of ALA Exhibits Floor (Healey)

Accessibility issues on the exhibits floor, specifically locating vendors.  Healey asked if there was some way to use RIFD tags to help individuals connect with exhibitors.  It was suggested that this could be a LITA codes project. 
ACTION ITEM:  David will draft a request for this project. 

Use of ALA Logo on a non-ALA website -- Universal Access: Making Library Resources Accessible to People with Disabilities (Healey)

Website on accessibility issues.  The website Universal Access: Making Library Resources Accessible to People with Disabilities [https://www.washington.edu/doit/UA/PRESENT/libres.html] was created by librarians who are experts on accessibility issues.  The website, however, is housed on the washington.edu domain.  Healey wanted to know if it is possible to include the ALA logo on the site even though its not an official ALA webpage. 
ACTION ITEM: Sherri will take this issue to senior management to see if its possible to add the ALA logo to this website. 

Link to Accessibility Clearing house page on ALA Homepage (Healey)

Healey wanted to know if it was possible to add some information to the front page for the accessibility clearinghouse.  There are several groups who have a stake in this.  It was noted that getting “real estate” on the homepage could be a challenge.

ACTION ITEMDavid will work with Healey to write a letter in support of this request.   

Adjournment - WAC (5:00)