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Up-coming meeting of the ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee (virtual)

The ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee meeting is scheduled to meet (via conference call)

-February 3, 2014 (Monday)

-at 11:00 am CST (noon EST, 10:00 MST; 9:00 PST)


This is an open meeting and we welcome those interested in participating.


For information necessary to call in to the meeting, please contact Larayne Dallas at ldallas@austin.utexas.edu or (512)-495-4503.  Committee members and others expressing an interest will receive the phone number (which is not yet assigned) in advance of the meeting.   



Agenda for the Meeting of the ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee


            Topics                                                              approximate start time for item

  1. Introductions                                                              (11:00 am CST)
  2. Updates from STS Council                                            (11:05 am)
  3. Committee history, charge, and background                  (11:15 am)
  4. Past projects and loose ends                                        (11:18 am)
  5. Finding next projects                                                   (11: 25 am)
  6. Assignments to members                                             (11:50 am)
  7. Adjourn                                                                      (noon CST)



Betty Landesman (blandesman@ubalt.edu) and Larayne Dallas (ldallas@austin.utexas.edu), co-chairs