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Jodie Gambill's picture

LITA Emerging Leaders Projects materials archive

This is an effort to get all of these in one place that's accessible, logical and editable. :)  Does it need updating? Dooooo eeeeeet!

2007 - Project P - "A Model for Free E-Learning in ALA"

2009 - Project U - "LITA and Social Software"

2009 - Project T - "Leadership Development Programs for LITA"

2010 - Project O - "LITA Now"

2010 - Project P - "LITA Web Tools"

2011 - Project M - "Branding LITA"

2012 - Project K - "LITA Experts Profile System: Connecting Collaborators"

2013 - Project I - "Improving Orientation and Enhancing Leadership"

suzanne zahr24 (non-member)'s picture

Dear all 

I hope that you have been well

 I would like to ask you about papers scanner brand that works with arabic ocr as well.

Thanks in adv

Cindi Blyberg's picture

Hi, Suzanne! I suggest that you post your question to the LITA-L mailing list, or to the discussion boards here in this group.  I see that you also follow ALCTS--they also have several mailing lists, including one focussed on digital preservation.

Jodie Gambill's picture

Hey all -

A couple of us 2012 ELs have noticed that you all have almost no information about our project. I will add links and information about our project to this page (looks like I can edit it).


Cindi Blyberg's picture

I had trouble digging up the materials--I'm so glad you added these links! Thanks, Jodie!

Cindi Blyberg's picture

Dear LITA Board, :)
Just a friendly reminder that many of us volunteered to take ownership of an Emerging Leaders Project report/materials and do the following:

  • Review the report
  • Look for recommendations we should act on: recommendations for LITA staff, Committees/IGs, and the Board
  • Write a summary/list of these and send to the board
  • Send your findings to the EL Team members who worked on the project, just letting them know we've done a periodic review and here's what you're sending on to the Board.

Your deadline is end of business 2/28--Next Friday. No, that doesn't mean Monday morning, because I'd like to summarize them for my next ITAL President's message (first couple of days of March). :)

Here's the breakdown:

  • Project M 2011 Andromeda and Rachel
  • Project T 2009 Jenny
  • Project P/O 2010 Cody and Lauren
  • Project P 2007 Cindi
  • Project U 2009 David
  • Project K 2012 Aaron
  • Project I 2013 Zoe

Originally posted to the LITA Board listserv (closed, but you can mail us there through this form). Cross posted here for findability, posterity, and transparency.

Africa Hands's picture

Thanks for posting these notes. 2013 - Project I - "Improving Orientation and Enhancing Leadership" is especially useful to all committee chairs not just LITA members.

Andromeda Yelton's picture

I LOVE that team's work, and I'm so glad people are finding it useful!

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

Jo Alcock (non-member)'s picture

I agree - this is really interesting, and much is of relevance to other groups within ALA. Are there plans to share it more widely? I think this could be really useful as an orientation for new committee chairs across ALA (and in other professional organisations for that matter!). 

Joeyanne Libraryanne
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