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LITA Open Source Interest Group Agenda, ALA Midwinter

LITA Open Source Interest Group
ALA Midwinter
Saturday, January 25 
10:30-11:30 am
Grand B


  1. Introduction of participants & Updates
  2. Review IG Charge (below
  3. Proposals for conference programs and/or preconferences

We will follow the usual format of introducing ourselves and sharing our involvement and/or interest in open source.  

I would like to review the charge.  Does this reflect the needs of the attendees?

Charge: To encourage active participation in the open source community through developing, adapting, improving and fixing open source solutions for use in libraries. To promote the use of open source in libraries through education, distribution, and creating support structures to assist with appropriate implementation. To advocate for the development of appropriate standards and policies that are true to the spirit of the open source movement.

Finally, we will consider proposals for programs or preconferences at future ALA conferences.