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Education Committee/Update, Jan 10

  • Worked with Cindi, Rachel, Toni Nolen & Abigail Goben to establish vice-chair pilot for the Education committee.  Abigail is now the vice-chair.  She has some great ideas, and we're all excited about the chance to share the leadership load and provide for greater continuity.
  • Asked WCC to make it easier to find the "Teach for LITA" course proposal form (Education keeps hearing that people don't know they can teach for us). WCC acted on this instantly; hooray!
  • Talked with ALA publications about joint efforts with LITA education - this conversation is ongoing; they might have a proposal by Midwinter.
  • Read the Jan 13 agenda and prework docs.

More with my individual hat than my Board hat on but possibly of interest - I'll be moderating a panel at Midwinter on gender issues in library technology (Saturday, 4:30, convention center 201C, http://alamw14.ala.org/node/14557 - please come!).  I've also been doing a lot of writing on ALA's new Statement of Appropriate Conduct (blogging, column in LJ), which is an issue of interest to many LITA members.