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Program Planning Committee Report 2014 Midwinter

The Program Planning Committee has been working on our 2 programs for 2014 in Vegas!


  1. Rainbow Project program: This is a joint effort between Rainbow and Bloomers. Much of the booking and such is being taken care of by FTF so we don’t have to do much for it except promote it with our other program.
  2. Safe Spaces: After getting feedback from a member of diversity council who was hoping we’d have more regular safe spaces training, as well as another speaker different from those we’d had in the past, we aimed to set up a program that would help people make libraries safe spaces for everyone, with an emphasis on LGBT populations. So we’re very excited to have Jenny Betz from GLSEN joining us, as well as Susan Harmon from the National Safe Place program.



For 2015 in SF the preliminary roster of programs so far looks like:

  1. A program on Mike McConnell’s story of being refused hiring based on applying for a marriage license in 1971 and getting Merit fund support.
  2. A trans 101 @ your library program with one speaker suggested as Alex Capitan who has done a program like this for UU welcoming congregations.

The board has also approved the planning of a pre-conference on GLBT Teens or Families for Annual in SF, but this will be planned/run by a separate ad-hoc group due to the amount of work required for the single event. Recruitment is currently underway.


Other possible ideas have been suggested but not yet scheduled

  1. A panel of LGBT poets.
  2. A panel of authors of children’s books that are used in bullying prevention education (Jenny Betz has been working with this group)
  3. LGBT graphic novel revival


I will be rolling off as chair of the PPC this annual and Chet Mulawka will be stepping up as the new chair.