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Membership Meeting Agenda & Minutes, 2013 ALA Annual

McCormick Place Convention Center, N132
Chicago, IL
Sunday, June 30, 2013
10:30 am to 11:30 am

Present: d. Vess, R. Hansen, R. Ridinger, M. Cienfuegos, R. Butler, A. Symons, E. Hollenshead, D. Singer, P. Hubbard, W. Slater, R. Graziano, A. Smith, L. Hagelin, W. Thomas, C. Eddy, V. Andrsejewski, J. Reynolds, R. Montague, L. McKeever, R. Dean, D. Bell, J. Moore, E. MacInnes, S. Machones, S. Leif, J. simms, H. Steindifer, V. Prilop, P. Opa, A. de Campos-Salles, M. Banasek, P. Coyl, B. Pickell, J. Tichacek, M. Abler, S. Phillips, P. Mano, G. Persichini, J. Greeves-Ostrowsky, B . Ostrowsky, A. Johnson

Meeting was called to order at 10:30. Introductions around the room. D. Vess reported on the first year under the new RT organization w/ a board of directors. A plea was made for volunteers to run for office. If you need more information contact John Amundsen is the staff liaison; contact him for more information if you need it During the last year several ways to get on the email list for the RT were up on the website.  Volunteering for committees is also easier. A major effort was made to post all events as well. The Diversity Fair had been held the previous day. It was a 2 ½ hour event that saw many people stop by. Back lists of book reviews and awards were available, as they are on the webpage. There is information indicating that the reviews are being read too.

There was a report on the Steering Comm. I meeting held on  Saturday. Proposed committee charges were adopted. An Ad Hoc Committee on the Stonewall Book Awards has been established to work on the structure of reviewing the books and dealing with three awards. A professional services committee is also being formed. The difference between ad hoc committees and standing committees was explained. The representatives from the RT to YALSA, the school librarians and the diversity council  were introduced. Other representative positions are also available. The upcoming social events were talked about. S. Leif, who was present, is from Las Vega and said he would help.

For the next election period people will be needed to run for Secretary and 3 directors at large.

The brochure needs work. We need to get an automated response to people who check that they are interested in volunteering for the RT, which will let them know who to contact. We also need to let non-GLBT folks know they are welcome get involved also. The volunteer form needs to be more obvious on the webpage as well.

A visitor, Mr. P. Opa, from Africa, spoke about his project to establish an LGBT library in Africa.

In a general discussion many spoke about the lack of response from the RT when they had volunteered to help. There is also a need to have the chair-elect involved in the appointment process. It was also noted that the date of the annual conference conflicts with many Pride festivals in the country.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 A.M.