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2014-01 GLBTRT Executive Board Meeting Agenda & Notes

This document will later hold the meeting notes.
Friday, 10 January 2014 10-11a.m. central time
Location: http://ala.adobeconnect.com/glbtrt (Login as a guest)
Online Meetings Tip sheet for GLBTRT: http://connect.ala.org/node/205148


1. Call to Order (Roland)

2. Introductions (Roland)

3. Approval of Agenda (Discussion, Vote) (Roland)

4. Approval of Meeting Notes (10 mins) (Andrew)

Action: Review meeting notes before the meeting, come with corrections.
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

5. Reading Time for Karen's Amended Proposal (5 Mins) Roland)

[Added this item Friday 1/10 at 9AM central] Apologies for a slight change in the meeting agenda an hour before the meeting.  Karen adjusted her 2-page proposal.  You were sent a copy on the board list by Ann yesterday already.  I'm building in 5 minute reading time to the meeting.  We won't do this to you again!  Sorry about this.  David

6. GLBTRT Emerging Leader Sponsorship (20 mins) (Karen Schneider)

Action: Motion: That the GLBRT sponsor an ALA Emerging Leader for 2014-2015, at the sponsorship level of $1500 ($750 per conference).
Vote: Yes
Supporting Information:

6. Election (10 mins) (David)

Action: Discuss upcoming election.
Vote: No
Supporting Information: Be aware of our little elections page.  It's the page we should refer everyone to who is interested in running for office: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/elections

7. Announcements

8. Adjournment