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2014 Stonewall Book Awards Committee Report for Midwinter Meeting

2014 Stonewall Book Awards Committee Report

Midwinter Meeting

Philadelphia, PA


The 2014 Stonewall Book Awards Committee began its work in earnest May 13, 2013 with the appointment of myself as Chair-elect after the resignation of the previous Chair-elect.


A committee of 11 people were appointed in total (5 male identified members and 6 female identified members).  3 were from Universities and 7 from public libraries (with 4 having expertise in children and young adult services).


The committee received recommendations for consideration via the website submission form and from committee members.  In total the committee considered over 230 titles total in the 3 award categories.  Books were requested from small independent presses as well as from large commercial and academic houses.


The committee read and considered the nearly 230 submissions in a 5 month time period, conducting discussions and sharing thoughts online through a secret, closed Facebook group as well as via email.


The committee is currently in the process of deliberations and will announce the winners at ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia.


A more comprehensive report will be shared at ALA Annual Meeting in June.


Respectfully Submitted,


Peter D. Coyl