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Moving GODORT Forward: all hands on deck

Because the Depository Library Conference was cancelled in October, and because ALA has radically shifted our ballot deadlines from previous years, we do not have the luxury of face to face conversations with all of you as we recruit you to run for offices and keep our vibrant, essential association out in front of the issues.

Please, we need your help, most especially in finding our Chair Elect, International Docs Task Force Coordinator (1 yr) *and* Coordinator-Elect (2 yrs), State Docs Coordinator (2 yrs), and new members for 3 committees: Awards, Bylaws & Organization, and Nominating. Register yourself on our ballot by the end of the day on  iday, January 3rd -- use ALA's online form at https://www.alavote.org/nomination/2014users.html

Select the second option (Divisions/Sections/Round Tables) and then number 64 GODORT. The form takes you through many steps, so hang in there until the end.

Thanks again for your willingness to serve,

Cass Hartnett cass@uw.edu 206-685-3130
GODORT Nominations Chair http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/Nominating

on behalf of:

Barbie Selby bms8z@virginia.edu 434-982-2677
Helen Sheehy hms2@psu.edu 814-863-1347
John Stevenson john.a.stevenson@gmail.com 302-831-8671
Bill Sudduth sudduthw@mailbox.sc.edu 803-777-1775 (desk) 803-777-4841