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Ericka Raber's picture

EBSS Membership & Orientation 2014 Midwinter Meeting--Agenda

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section
ALA/Association of College and Research Libraries
Midwinter Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 12:00-1:00 pm (Central time)

Note: The meeting will be held via conference call (see below for details).

Committee membership:  Ericka Raber (Chair, -2014), Ann Brownson (-2014), Marilia Antunez (-2015), Jodie Bogerding (-2015), and Katrina Rouan (-2015)

 I.              Welcome (2 mins)

  1. Minute taker

 II.            Updates: Get-together at Midwinter; facebook proposal  -Ericka

 III.           Report on Membership and statistics -Ericka (5 mins)

  1. New, dropped, reinstated membership
  2. Surveys

 IV.          Annual Social (10 min)

    1.  Brain storm locations, date, time (Las Vegas, June 26-July 1) Friday, June  27?

 V.            Other duties at Annual

  1. NMRT 101
  2. ACRL 101

 VI.          Mentoring or other projects?

 VII.         Consider Chair position for 2014 (5 mins)

 VIII.        Check-in virtual working meeting (5 mins)

  1. Date range for meeting?


Joining the meeting:

dial: (605) 475-4000

and enter this access code:   908241#

Here are some controls:

*3: Exit - exit the call

*6: Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting