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Discussion Forums in Philadelphia

Attending Midwinter?  If so, please join the Discussion Forums Coordinating Committee for:

SKYPE? Face Time? Why Has Face-to-Face Not Been the New Wave in Digital Reference? 

Saturday, January 25th, 1:00 - 2:30 in PCC (Pennsylvania Convention Center) 116

Face-to-face communication utilizing mobile devices has become increasingly popular thanks to front-facing cell phone cameras and other technologies, yet literature written about offering video reference services concludes that such services are not heavily utilized.  Join with colleagues to share your own experiences with video chat reference, ideas for marketing the services, and whether or not you believe what the literature concludes is true.  Facilitator: Benjamin Andrus, Binghamton University 

Patron-Centered Reference Librarianship: Using Patrons' Interests to Motivate Information Literacy Learning 

Sunday, January 26th, 8:30 - 10:00 in PCC (Pennsylvania Convention Center) 115C

Although it is widely acknowledged that library education should be patron-centered, serious discussions of patron-centered reference librarianship are virtually non-existent.  Now is your chance to be part of just such a discussion.  Gather with colleagues to share best practices and strategies for engaging users in patron-centered learning at the reference desk.  What does patron-centered learning mean to you?  What strategies do you use to connect with users at the reference desk?  How can we motivate authentic learning within the context of reference? Learn from others and share your own strategies for connecting with users as unique individuals, not just information problems to be solved. Facilitator: Kevin Michael Klipfel, California State University, Chico