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Copy Cataloging Interest Group

Saturday, January 25, 2014
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Eastern

Report from the Library Congress
Angela Kinney, Chief, African, Latin American & Western European Division, Library of Congress will provide a report from the Library of Congress.

Batchloading and Editing of Vendor MARC records
Providing access to individual titles within large ebook collections is important to our users. Yet, editing and loading of vendor records could be perplexing. Quality of vendor records continues to present challenges and requires some massaging of data before records are ready for public consumption. This presentation will report on experiences of a team of copy catalogers responsible for batchloading activities at the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries.

Presenter: Nastia Guimaraes, Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian, Head Batch Processing, Data Support, and Metadata Services, Norte Dame, Hesburgh Library.

RDA Implementation
The implementation of RDA in 2013 brought many challenges and changes to technical services. Two presenters will share their experiences.

Presenter: Amy Hart, has been a technical services/systems librarian for 20-plus years. Since June 2013, she divides her time between Brisbane, Australia, and Boston, Massachusetts. Before her move to Brisbane, Amy served as head of bibliographic services at Minuteman Library Network in Natick, Massachusetts for eight years. She is the author of ABC-CLIO’s “The RDA Primer” (2010) and is currently working on a follow-up title on RDA cataloging in MARC. Amy will provide an international perspective by speaking on RDA implementation by technical services librarians in Australia.

Presenter: Marian Schad from the Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library, Delaware Valley College will discuss the changes addressed to the catalog department’s local practices and the consideration given to the effect on catalog’s users.

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